Divorce Resources

Call child’s school and ask if they have support groups for children. If want to start one in their area, go to www.childrensinstitute.net – Children of Divorce Intervention Program – also known as changing families groups – Social support, Developed a school based support group program “It’s used worldwide now and has served thousands of children. We know that from research with that that when children have the opportunity to know they’re not the only ones, they’re not alone and have the support of being with peers in a group setting to have that comradery, it’s very powerful in helping them adjust. Focus on learning skills to cope with changes. To give them the emotional vocabulary to talk about.

2500Carroll is the founder of program. “It’s a prevention program to provide support and skills to help children cope with family changes, and it’s won many awards.” Award-winning program. Department of health and human services has award blue ribbon.

“Children from other countries have very similar reactions. It’s over 2,000 sites, mostly in school or private practitioners, mental health centers.


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