5 Tips for Avoiding “Sitting” Disease

Integrating more movement into your day can help you reap big health benefits. Grace DeSimone, national director of group fitness for Plus One Health Management, offers the following tips:

  1. Set a timer or an electronic calendar to remind you to get up every hour and move around.
  2. Whenever you talk on the phone or have a teleconference, walk around your office or home.
  3. Instead of e-mailing or phoning co-workers, walk over to their desks.
  4. Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair, so you can activate your core and leg muscles and maintain better posture.
  5. Consider buying a standing workstation that allows you to adjust the height of the desk for sitting or standing, or invest in a treadmill desk.

“Every little bit of movement counts,” says DeSimone. “Take small steps to achieve big results.”

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